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Want to be more active in the Association? Join Gina on Thursday

MTA is hosting a member forum with a light dinner at the EAW ( Educational Association of Worcester)  on Thursday. Sign up if you are interested in attending in the link below.

You can also stay for the president’s meeting  it is a great opportunity to meet local presidents and see if  the ARTA leadership is the next step for you!


Let us know if you have any questions. This is open to all members.

Local News, President's Message, Uncategorized

Updates 9/17/18

Hi everyone,

A few people have asked for the order form for faculty attire. It is in the link below, you can order anytime and then send the check and order form directly to NewTek Design.


We have had multiple discussions with Sara about the parking lot. We are waiting for the students passes to be straightened out and our hopes are we will get some spaces back.

We have an e-board meeting Tuesday Sept. 25th in Aimee’s room. if you want to address the e-board on an issue please come right after school.

We will be planning an ARTA meeting for some time in October as our first meeting was squashed due to the weather and central office planning.

President's Message

End of year party, any takers to host?

Hi everyone,

With no retirement party this year we were wondering if anyone would be interested in hosting the end of the year party.  On any day of your choosing. Becca has graciously hosted for years and it is time to pass the baton.  It doesn’t have to be local to Northboro or Southboro but that seems to be what has worked best in the past in getting the most staff to attend.

ARTA will happily buy the food and other necessities we just need a person happy to host.

Let Aimee or Gina know if you are interested.


President's Message

Back to school

Good morning ARTA!

Thank you for responding to the two surveys we sent out. The first one was in June collecting feedback on duties and the second was in July asking about whether ISS should continue as a duty.

We sat with Sara in July to discuss the findings and should see some changes this coming year thanks to your input!

Our first ARTA meeting will be on Tuesday August 28th at 12:45 in the Cafeteria with an Ice Cream Social. This meeting is prior to the Superintendent’s welcome back address. (This is a change from past years)

If someone from MTA hasn’t stopped by your house by now you will probably see them in the next few weeks. They are just checking in to say hi and see how your year went and to update you on the Supreme Court decision regarding Agency Fee payers.

We believe ARTA is a strong association with dedicated members who care about the power of our contract. We will continue to work together to benefit all members, past, present and future!

Let’s do this!



April Vacation Free PD

The following link  MTA FREE PD Workshops   is for April vacation. Even though the classes are are full you can be put on a waitlist.   “These courses meet the 15 PDP requirement in ELL or Special Education needed in order to renew a professional license. They do not qualify you to receive the SEI Endorsement. “

Because of the popularity they will be offering more in the summer and they free!



ARTA meeting Monday Agenda

Happy Friday!

Here is the agenda for Monday’s ARTA meeting at 2 pm in the small theater.

  1. Insurance Vote- We will start the meeting off with the vote in case people can’t stay. Or stop down right at the end of the day to vote in the small theater.
  2.  After school gathering events- How have they been going, any suggestions?
  3. Ed eval- Keep going on that evidence, it is due April 13th
  4. PD days- update on the changes made by the Superintendent
  5.  What else can ARTA do for the membership and what can the membership do for ARTA?