Important meeting January 11th about Insurance changes.

Just a reminder:

January 11th at 2pm ARTA meeting in the small theater. It is a meeting about Insurance changes and we must vote at a future meeting if we will accept them.   Please read the cover letter and if you have any questions bring them to the meeting as the district’s insurance broker (Ken), Supt. Johnson and Lois Mason will all be in attendance to answer questions.

Have a good weekend.

Inasurance Cover letter (1)



MTRS workshops

Below is a link to the MTRS workshops. If you attend one can you please give us feedback on how they were and if you would recommend them to other staff.   MTRS workshop

We still plan on offering an MTA retirement workshop on November 10th at 2 pm. It is run by an MTA retired member.  Please let us know if you are attending as we need a head count.

” These MTA retirement consultants, most being retired teachers themselves, are very well informed about issues facing members contemplating retirement and have had many years of experience in dealing with state, teacher, and local retirement boards.  Those that have attended one or more of these seminars report that they come away with their questions answered and a feeling of confidence as they approach retirement. The seminars are geared to the interests and concerns of those in attendance and can benefit future retirees regardless of how far away they are from the time they expect to retire.” (


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