We are still working on language clean ups with central office so as soon as we finalize we will get the MOA out to you. It will be posted 5 days prior to the vote.Unit C negotiations will not begin until after Northborough and Southborough Teachers’ negotiations are completed, so we are looking at a few months from now.Please note there is no such thing as taking a day off unpaid, this could be deemed job abandonment and lead to dismissal and loss of pension. Take your days by checking off the boxes on the forms no-need to explain the reason any further unless you are asking to extend a school vacation or holiday weekend, which is only allowed if approved by the superintendent. If you are denied personal days, and then call in sick on those days, that is very tough to defend.There will be an insurance update in the next few weeks but for now things are looking relatively good for next year. In the spring there will be some meetings to educate people on the differences between Fallon Select and Fallon Direct as there is a price difference and one may be increasing more than the other in the coming year.

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