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Congratulations to all the elected candidates and thank you to all who ran for this year’s elections. 

Your new Co-Presidents, Christina Smith and Nikki Ruffo, will take the position as of Monday, May 11th. We look forward to hearing from them.

The following positions have been appointed by the executive board due to the absence of candidates in the election per our by-laws:
Unit A Negotiations Team- Steve Godbout, Gina Johnston, and Aimee Selby will round out the team ( Sherry Nolan Hess and Mary Rose Steele were voted in)

Unit C negotiations Team-  Sue Baburins, Ken Macdonald, Charlotte Brillhart and Beth Mazzolla ( Diane Egizi was voted in)Unit

C- Co-chairpersons  Diane Egizi and Sue Baburins

Member at large- Brittany Burns

The members must approve the appointments- please click here to approve.   https://forms.gle/QXmgDwmyiG7Lnugc6 

Your elected and appointed 2020 ARTA  board and negotiations committee includes the following:
Co-Presidents- Christina Smith and Nikki Ruffo

Treasurer- Dan Forhan

Secretary- Mary Rose Steele

Unit C Chairpersons-Diane Egizi and Sue Baburins

Member at Large-Brittany Burns

Unit A Negotiations Team- Sherry Nolan Hess, Mary Rose Steele, Steve Godbout, Gina Johnston, and Aimee Selby

 Unit C negotiations Team- Diane Egizi, Sue Baburins, Ken Macdonald, Charlotte Brillhart, and Beth Mazzolla 
The new board will appoint a Parliamentarian and all other standing Committees in our bylaws. For a list of them go here. https://algonquinregionalteachers.files.wordpress.com/2015/07/2012-constitution.pdf

In non-election news, Greg should be reaching out to the teachers soon to explain the fiscal constraints we will be up against due to Covid-19.  Lots of things are unknown at this time but it would be unrealistic to think we won’t be impacted in some way.  We have no details at this point as a lot depends on the school committee, the town meetings, the state budget and possible federal funding.  The association will be involved in decisions regarding budgetary implications as much as possible.  I am sure the new presidents will do whatever they can to minimize the impacts on teachers, but some things will be out of their hands.  We expect that they will communicate to the membership whenever details emerge. 

And lastly to Zoom or not to Zoom- do what you are comfortable with and what works for your curriculum and your home circumstances. Switching to Google Meet might be a safer option if you feel that you and your students are up for the change, but if not don’t worry about it.  You are all doing an amazing job reaching your students and we fully support and defend your right to deliver your curriculum in the ways you are most comfortable. 

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We got this!

DESE and the MTA are giving guidance on our next steps to remote learning. You can see both the MTA and DESE’s remarks in the link.
ARTA has been working with Greg to ensure we have the best outcomes for you and your students during the shutdown.
It is an unprecedented experience, no one is superhuman, we will get through it!

There is more news to come in the following days from Greg, know we are working very closely with him to make this manageable and realistic.

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ARTA meeting Monday- Contract langauge attached!

Hi everyone,

We finalized the Unit A 2020-2023 contract language just in time for our meeting on Monday. Sorry about the delay, the language took longer than expected to clean up.

Attached are the langauge changes. This only reflects the additions and deletions and is not the contract in its entirety. Additions are in Bold, deletions have a Strike Through on the wording.

The Negotiations Team will be at the meeting Monday at 2pm in the small theater if you have any questions.

  • We will hold our vote on the contract on Thursday March 5th from 8-1 in the library. Please stop down and vote during those hours and we will have the results to you by Friday.

This contract vote is for Unit A members only ( Teachers, Nurses, Specialists). The Unit C contract negotations will hopefully start soon and we will inform you of when that will happen.

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Last meeting before negotiations

Good morning,

The Negotiations Team would like to hold one more meeting with the membership on Tuesday December 3rd at 2pm in the Small Theater. They start negotiations on Saturday December 7th so this will be a great opportunity to listen to each other and hear what the team should be fighting to protect, change and add to the contract. Sorry it is on a Tuesday but we hope with enough notice you can plan your extra help accordingly.

We have an Association meeting on Monday December 9th. We will share how negotiations went and hopefully have some Tentative Agreements( which is the items we have agreed on at negotiations).

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Don’t forget about Tuesday! We are adding an afternoon session too. Come and share for negotiations.

We want to make sure we hear as many voices as possible, Our first ARTA meeting of the year isn’t until December 2nd and by then the team will have everything ready to go. We start negotiations on December 7th. In the next few weeks the team will be getting all the comments and ideas gathered to share out. We will share it out on a Google Form where you can rank for importance.

Listening Session- Tuesday October 1st- D116 6:45 am and 2pm

This is for both Unit A and Unit C members.

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Gearing up for negotiations

We will have a listening session on Tuesday, October 1st at 6:45 am in room D-116. Please come and share your thoughts and let the team know what you want to see in the next contract.

We would like to have 2 committees in preparation of negotiations, please let us know if you would like to join.

Coach’s Stipends Committee- Objective is to streamline the categories of pay and see if we need to arrange the categories to better fit the sports we currently have.

Stipends Committee- Objective is to see what we can do to add stipends, create a hiring process that is reflected in the contract and rearrange stipends for equity and fairness. This includes all stipendiary positions, Extra Curricular, Club Advisor and Department Chair stipends.

Please reach out if you want to join these are open to Unit A and Unit C members.

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Calling all clubs that are not currently in the contract.

According to the contract if you would like to add your club to the contracted stipend positions the deadline is Oct 1st. If you would like your club to be considered please write a letter to Sara and ARTA with the reasons why your club should be added to the contract language. Below is the current list in the contract, if your club is not listed and you are a part of the stipend pool ( categories A,B,C payment of usually 300,600,900) and want to try to get added to the list now is the time to do so. In your letter please include years in existence, membership numbers and activities of the club( think if this as your public relations push)

The Negotiations Team will try their best but can’t guarantee it will get listed in the next contract.


Yearbook Advisor, Publication & Business           $4,413$4,501$4,591
Math Team Advisor – Varsity                        $2,954$3,013$3,073
Math Team Advisor – Junior Varsity                 $1,482$1,512$1,542
Sachem Advisor                                     $1,245$1,270$1,296
Senior Class Advisor      2@                         $2,726$2,781$2,837
Junior Class Advisor       2@                       $1,979$2,018$2,059
Sophomore Class Advisor     2@                         $999$1,019$1,039
Freshmen Class Advisor     2@                         $999$1,019$1,039
Student Council – Adv. Council Advisor              $3,513$3,583$3,655
Drama Director                                     $4,438$4,527$4,617
Drama Set Designer                                 $3,551$3,622$3,694
Spring Drama Advisor                               $3,551$3,622$3,694
Musical Director                                   $3,082$3,144$3,207
Musical Drama Producer                             $3,425$3,494$3,564
Musical Set Designer                               $2,740$2,795$2,850
Musical Costume Designer                           $1,027$1,048$1,069
National Honor Society         2@                    $1,496$1,526$1,557
Marching Band Director                             $4,987$5,087$5,188
Marching Band Assistant                            $2,456$2,505$2,555
Marching Band Color Director                       $1,748$1,783$1,819
Detention Hall Supervisor                          $3,230$3,295$3,361
Evening SAT Teachers                               $2,029$2,069$2,111
National Art Society Advisor                       $1,619$1,651$1,684
Harbinger Advisor                                  $4,447$4,536$4,627
Science Club Advisor – Varsity                     $2,340$2,387$2,434
Science Club Advisor – Junior Varsity              $1,748$1,783$1,819
Diversity Awareness Advisor                        $1,748$1,783$1,819
Latin Club Advisor                                 $999$1,019$1,039
Mock Trial Co Advisor                              $999$1,019$1,039
Community Action                                   $1,747$1,782$1,818
DECA Advisor                                       $1,747$1,782$1,818
US Robotics Advisor                                $2,954$3,013$3,073
Best Buddies Program Advisor    2@                    $1,752$1,788$1,823
Tri-M Co-Advisor                                   $1,619$1,651$1,684
Jazz Ensemble Director   2@**                    $3,678$3,752$3,827
Jazz Choir Director                                $3,678$3,752$3,827
SADD Advisors         2@                   $1,452$1,482$1,511
Drama Guild – Boston Globe                         $1,748$1,783$1,819
Model UN Advisor        2@               $1,007$1,027$1,047
Peer Mentoring        2@                             $886$904$922
National Business Honor Society Co- Advisor         $1,619$1,651$1,684
Publications Photography Advisor                   $1,619$1,651$1,684
Web Master                                         $5,003$5,103$5,205
Computer Team Advisor                              $1,734$1,769$1,804
Choreographer                                      $1,006$1,026$1,046
Vocal and Rehearsal Pianist                         $1,713$1,747$1,782
Substitute Caller                                  $3,477$3,547$3,618
Substitute Scheduler
Director of Student Activities                     $1,291$1,317$1,343
Athletic Event Ticket Takers (Per Game)
Athletic Faculty Manager                           $3,227$3,292$3,358
AP Coordinator                                     $2,071$2,112$2,154
Grade 9 Team Leaders                               $1,675$1,708$1,743
PSAT Coordinator                                   $404$412$420
Mentor Co-Coordinator       2@                       $837$854$871
Mentor                                             $554$565$576
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Did you know???

In order to foster better communication throughout the building we thought we would try to do an occasional “Did you know??” segment.  This first segment centers on the ESPs in our building.  Many of you have worked with ESPs in your classroom, but we think there is a lack of clarity around their role amongst general education teachers.  After meeting with them recently, these are some things that they would love for us all to know:

  • ESPs are paid hourly and only paid to work 5.75 hours/day.  This typically means they arrive at 7:30 and leave at 1:45
  • ESPs have a 30 minute lunch and a 15 minute break daily, for which they are not paid
  • ESPs do not have any prep periods
  • For these reasons, an ESP working in your classroom may appear to arrive “late” or leave early.  Sometimes this is to accommodate their break.  Other times it may be because they are communicating with another classroom teacher.  Since they have no prep time, they have to do this before or after class which can affect their arrival or departure time to or from their next class. 
  • It would be very helpful to invite ESPs into your CANVAS classes as observers.  This helps them to be on the same page as their students. 

If you have a topic that you think would be helpful to communicate to others, let us know and we can turn it into a “Did You Know??” topic!  Thanks and have a great school year.

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Last listening session cancelled and looking for Unit C Negotiations Team members

Good evening ARTA!

Unit A members our last formal listening session of the year is cancelled for tomorrow. But at anytime you can reach out to Steve Godbout, Christina Smith, Dan Forhan, Mary Rose Steele or Sherry Nolan Hess with your negotiations concerns. We will have 2 listening sessions in September before we get underway with negotiations

Unit C negotiations team is still looking for members to sit on the team. We currently have Diane Egizi and Ken McDonald on the team. If anyone else is interested in being on the team reach out to Gina or Aimee. It would be great to have 5 members on the team.

If anyone would like to host the end of year ARTA party let GIna or Aimee know. We will cover the cost of the food. Thanks in advance!

Looking into next year, we have had some great conversations with Greg Martineau. He is an honest, kind and genuine person, we expect to continue our great working relationship with Central Office as we have done in the past. We are very fortunate to have a Central Office as supportive as ours it is most certainly not the case across the state.