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Today’s meeting clarifications

Good evening,

We didn’t have time to answer all your questions regarding the Association’s role, nor is a faculty meeting the place. Here is a run down of our thoughts. It is lengthy but it should cover a lot of the missing pieces from today. We will also be at the after school session tomorrow and will discuss it at the ARTA on Monday.


Also, there is a negotations listening session on Wednesday at 2pm in D116. The team is ready to here your thoughts!

A dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work. Colin Powell

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Nomination Papers!

May is right around the corner and with that is our annual ARTA elections. This year the elections are for the Unit A and Unit C Negotiations Team.

Stop by the library and see our Parliamentarian Kim Honey to pick up your papers. Please return them to her by Wednesday May 1st for our May 6th elections.

There will also be a listening session on May 6th at 6:45 in room D116 please bring your negotations concerns and topics.

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Evidence examples- to destress your life

Though you need 6 pieces of evidence you can have a piece that links to multiple standards.

There are just a few examples there are many more you can use. Make the system work for you!

1. Standard I-

  1. An observation for admin or dept chair
  2. Lesson plan
  3. Any type of assessment
  4. Sharing grades with students ( canvas)
  5. Sharing work with colleagues ( PLC, dept, meetings)

2. Standard II

  1. Observation from admin or dept. Chair
  2. Lesson plan
  3. Course syllabus

3. Standard III

  1. College recommendations
  2. Course syllabus
  3. Emails
  4. Canvas screenshot
  5. Advisor to a club

4. Standard IV

  1. Evidence of  meeting student goal
  2. Evidence of meeting professional goal
  3. PLC, Dept meetings notes
  4. Emails, taking attendance
  5. Being a member of a committee
  6. PD day

5. Student Goal

6. Professional Goal

http://www.doe.mass.edu/edeval/model/PartIII_AppxC.pdf– The Standards

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Free PD workshop over vacation and $255 for 2 grad credits! Also Ed Eval info.


If you are wondering about what you can do over vacation to keep up your teacher skills look no further than a FREE PD workshop with a 2 grad credit option. The link above will take you to a description and registration.

On to a topic that has no correlation to making you a better teacher. Your Educator Evaluation Evidence is due Friday April 12th. If you need help maneuvering teachpoint reach out to anyone who can help you upload the documents to show you are great educator!

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ARTA info : meetings and events

Welcome back from vacation,

We hope you had some down time and didn’t think about work for a few days.

Here are the upcoming events for ARTA in the next week

Monday 3/4- ARTA meeting at 2 pm in the small theater. We are lucky to have a guest appearance from Merrie and Max the MTA president and Vice President. They were elected in May and want to get to know local associations and share their platform for the MTA. We will also talk local issues and update you on what ARTA members have been doing the past couple months.

Thursday 3/7- Listening session for negotiations 6:45 am in D116. Please bring topics/ideas for the negotiations team to help with next year’s negotiations.

Thursday 3/7- MTA Regional President’s meeting at Worcester Tech High School. http://www.cvent.com/events/2019-mta-regional-presidents-meetings/event-summary-af976fccc8ed4aa0aacbb68e52d686cf.aspx   If you want to get involved in assocations activites this is a great opportunity to meet other locals and become more invovled in being a voice of ARTA.

We are all ARTA so make your voice heard!

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Want to be more active in the Association? Join Gina on Thursday

MTA is hosting a member forum with a light dinner at the EAW ( Educational Association of Worcester)  on Thursday. Sign up if you are interested in attending in the link below.

You can also stay for the president’s meeting  it is a great opportunity to meet local presidents and see if  the ARTA leadership is the next step for you!


Let us know if you have any questions. This is open to all members.

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Updates 9/17/18

Hi everyone,

A few people have asked for the order form for faculty attire. It is in the link below, you can order anytime and then send the check and order form directly to NewTek Design.


We have had multiple discussions with Sara about the parking lot. We are waiting for the students passes to be straightened out and our hopes are we will get some spaces back.

We have an e-board meeting Tuesday Sept. 25th in Aimee’s room. if you want to address the e-board on an issue please come right after school.

We will be planning an ARTA meeting for some time in October as our first meeting was squashed due to the weather and central office planning.

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Back to school

Good morning ARTA!

Thank you for responding to the two surveys we sent out. The first one was in June collecting feedback on duties and the second was in July asking about whether ISS should continue as a duty.

We sat with Sara in July to discuss the findings and should see some changes this coming year thanks to your input!

Our first ARTA meeting will be on Tuesday August 28th at 12:45 in the Cafeteria with an Ice Cream Social. This meeting is prior to the Superintendent’s welcome back address. (This is a change from past years)

If someone from MTA hasn’t stopped by your house by now you will probably see them in the next few weeks. They are just checking in to say hi and see how your year went and to update you on the Supreme Court decision regarding Agency Fee payers.

We believe ARTA is a strong association with dedicated members who care about the power of our contract. We will continue to work together to benefit all members, past, present and future!

Let’s do this!