We are still working on language clean ups with central office so as soon as we finalize we will get the MOA out to you. It will be posted 5 days prior to the vote.Unit C negotiations will not begin until after Northborough and Southborough Teachers’ negotiations are completed, so we are looking at a few months from now.Please note there is no such thing as taking a day off unpaid, this could be deemed job abandonment and lead to dismissal and loss of pension. Take your days by checking off the boxes on the forms no-need to explain the reason any further unless you are asking to extend a school vacation or holiday weekend, which is only allowed if approved by the superintendent. If you are denied personal days, and then call in sick on those days, that is very tough to defend.There will be an insurance update in the next few weeks but for now things are looking relatively good for next year. In the spring there will be some meetings to educate people on the differences between Fallon Select and Fallon Direct as there is a price difference and one may be increasing more than the other in the coming year.


Tentative Agreement Reached!

Hi everyone,

Your negotiations team reached a tentative agreement for the 2020-2023 contract. Once the memorandum is written, we will present it to the membership for a reading and vote. This will not take place until soon after holiday break.

There will not be an Association meeting on Monday as we can’t report out on the tentative agreements yet.


Panorama Survey from central office

Hi everyone,

We just want to clarify that the surveys emailed from Panorama Surveys regarding the school climate and administration is now in lieu of the Climate Survey done previously by the Labor- Management Committee. We are fortunate that central office wants to be a part of discussions surrounding school climate and culture and have outsourced the survey to a vetted and statistically based company. All schools in the district are taking the same survey. People who have already taken the survey say it only takes a few minutes of your time.  

The results will be shared with the administration, and ARTA is in discussions with central office regarding when and how they will be released to the faculty,  Let us know if you did not receive the survey, or if you encounter any issues while taking the survey.


Want to get more involved in Association work? Attend an All-President’s Meeting September 14th.

Below is a message from MTA President Merry Najimy- This open to any member(s) who are interested in being more active in ARTA/MTA. More than one person can go so if you are interesting please sign up in the link below.

Because of your organizing through the Fund Our Future campaign, Massachusetts Public Schools have won the largest increase in school funding in decades through the state budget, which was passed this summer. Let’s celebrate, as the teaching and learning conditions of our members and students in the most underfunded districts will be dramatically improved this school year.

But our work is not over yet! This victory came via the budget, not a bill. Additionally, we don’t have significant movement on theCherish Act, which means our higher education members do not yet have the working conditions they need and our higher education students do not have the colleges they deserve. All the while, tuition has increased this year and student debt continues to skyrocket.

At this statewide meeting, we will make plans for the fall to bring the Promise Act home, look ahead to how we will win the Cherish Act, and prepare to keep growing our union power in the post-Janus era by developing an All In blueprint. Again, please join us from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Saturday, Sept. 14, for the MTA All Presidents’ Meeting .

We encourage each local president to bring a small team of leaders and members, particularly those who have been active in the Fund Our Future campaign. Register Here

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Want to be more active in the Association? Join Gina on Thursday

MTA is hosting a member forum with a light dinner at the EAW ( Educational Association of Worcester)  on Thursday. Sign up if you are interested in attending in the link below.

You can also stay for the president’s meeting  it is a great opportunity to meet local presidents and see if  the ARTA leadership is the next step for you!


Let us know if you have any questions. This is open to all members.

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Updates 9/17/18

Hi everyone,

A few people have asked for the order form for faculty attire. It is in the link below, you can order anytime and then send the check and order form directly to NewTek Design.


We have had multiple discussions with Sara about the parking lot. We are waiting for the students passes to be straightened out and our hopes are we will get some spaces back.

We have an e-board meeting Tuesday Sept. 25th in Aimee’s room. if you want to address the e-board on an issue please come right after school.

We will be planning an ARTA meeting for some time in October as our first meeting was squashed due to the weather and central office planning.


April Vacation Free PD

The following link  MTA FREE PD Workshops   is for April vacation. Even though the classes are are full you can be put on a waitlist.   “These courses meet the 15 PDP requirement in ELL or Special Education needed in order to renew a professional license. They do not qualify you to receive the SEI Endorsement. “

Because of the popularity they will be offering more in the summer and they free!